I’m a social artist and community builder, living in London

Lloyd DavisThis site is about me and my work. It shows the things I am doing right now and some of the things I’ve done with other people. It should help you to see whether you’d like to work with me.

I’ve found that my life is improved immeasurably when I keep myself open to the present moment and connecting with others through making, wandering, serendipity and surprise. It’s an interesting challenge to practice that every day in the world of always-on social media.

I find it rather tricky to talk about passion, but what fires me up most is the enormous satisfaction that comes from bringing people together to do the things they want to get done and a massive frustration with most of our established ways of doing that. So much that is organised ends up being about the organisers rather than the participants and I don’t think that serves any of us very well any more.

I research, consult, write, facilitate and participate in stuff that boils down to “organising without organisations” – how to help people to do good work together without creating a heavy bureaucracy and how the internet can make that easier.

I regularly facilitate unconferences both in the public and private sectors. I write a blog called Perfect Path and I founded the Tuttle Club which has happened every week now for 5 years! I’m always pushing at the boundaries of what can be done with social technology and thinking about how that affects us all.

Current projects include #wewillgather and #hackthebarbican

I sing and play ukulele.